Energy data as a Service

We deliver the necessary energy data needed for efficient energy monitoring and management - readily bundled and structured, through a single API.

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What do use energy data for?

Energy data unlocks several possibilities.

Energy efficiency

Reliable energy data is a prerequisite for efficient energy management

We provide the insight you need to identify and document the most efficient measures to reduce your energy consumption. And we make the data available to everyone who may benefit from them.

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Energy data with second resolution

We deliver Energy Data as a Service

  • Hardware and Installation We handle the practical aspects on site to ensure that the necessary infrastructure is in place to collect the data - if you need us to. This includes scoping, project management, and purchasing and installing hardware.
  • Operation and Maintenance We monitor and maintain the hardware and cover the costs of maintenance - including the unforeseen.
  • Structured data with quality control We structure and enrich the data with metadata to make them meaningful for your use. Through our algorithmic data quality control, we identify and correct errors to ensure continuous and complete data flow.
  • A Single Data Point We replace multiple data points with one single API. Our solution is hardware agnostic, making the data accessible to different solutions.
  • Data Security We maintain data security throughout, with access control and solutions approved by both the power industry and defense.

Do you rely on energy data to offer your services?

Your services remain the same - with a more detailed and reliable foundation.

How you include energy data from Å Insite in your own value proposition is up to you. You may apply the data as a fully integrated part of your own service, or you can offer the data as a standalone service in your product catalog.