Energy data as a Service

We deliver the necessary energy data needed for efficient energy monitoring and management - readily bundled and structured, through a single API.

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What do use energy data for?

Energy data is the foundation for many activities and opportunities. Which is relevant for you?

Energy efficiency

Reliable energy data is a prerequisite for efficient energy management

We provide the insight you need to identify and document the most efficient measures to reduce your energy consumption. And we make the data available to everyone who may benefit from them.

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Energy data with second resolution

Our services include

Hardware management

We assist with the selection and procurement of necessary hardware. You can choose whether you want to own the hardware or lease it as part of our services.


We ensure the execution and verification of all necessary installations and integrations, including scoping and project management.

Operation and Maintenance

We monitor the hardware continuously and replace parts if needed, all included in our services.


Our support team is ready to assist if and when issues arise, ensuring our customers experience minimal operational disruptions.

Data Cleansing

All data is collected and structured for its intended purpose. We ensure you have a continuous flow of quality-assured energy data.

Data on API

The data is made available on a single API, allowing both sustainability managers and operators to use the same data across various systems.

Do you rely on energy data to offer your services?

Your services remain the same - with a more detailed and reliable foundation.

How you include energy data from Å Insite in your own value proposition is up to you. You may apply the data as a fully integrated part of your own service, or you can offer the data as a standalone service in your product catalog.