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Adaptic Cloud

Adaptic offers Adaptic Cloud, a cloud-based energy monitoring system (EMS) that can be used for monitoring and analysis, reporting, or cost allocation.

Atrius Energy

Atrius Energy, a U.S energy manangement system (EMS), automates energy data management and reporting, enabling performance comparison and tracking energy efficiency investments.


BLDNG.Hub from BLDNG.AI is a comprehensive proptech platform that allows you to gather and analyze data in office buildings to optimize operations.


ClevAir provides software that allows you to automate and optimize the ventilation system in real-time, and to report on the savings you achieve


CoolPlanet specializes in decarbonisation through energy management solutions, focusing on reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions, offering consulting to implementation services for achieving net-zero goals.


Energinet by Kiona, a market-leading energy management system (EMS) for energy, waste, and environmental reporting. Energinet is ISO50001 and ISO14001 certified.


Enoco offers an advanced cloud-based energy service, replacing numerous traditional BMS tasks and enables greater provider independence in building management.


Gurusoft is a Norwegian energy monitoring system that provides EMS, climate accounting, and VA software. They are a leading supplier in the Norwegian public sector


Becour offers a platform for transparent trading of RECs (renewable energy certificates) in many of the world's countries.


Mestro is a leading Swedish cloud-based energy monitoring system (EMS) that enables automatic energy monitoring, accurate tenant billing, and sustainability reporting.


myBEMS from EvoTech group is an autonomous solution enhancing commercial HVAC systems, creating a healthier indoor environment, increasing operational efficiency, and reducing energy consumption.

Noova Energy

Noova is a Norwegian power company offering energy efficiency solutions in commercial buildings, including a well-suited energy management system (EMS) for tenant billing.


Varig's software collects, processes, and presents sustainability data for buildings, and generates automatic reports to meet financial and regulatory sustainability requirements.

Ørn Optima

Optima by Ørn Software is an EMS for digitalizing facility management, leasing processes, data-driven maintenance, resource planning, and energy optimization

Why choose one of these solutions?


The costs and risks associated with operating and maintaining equipment are included in our services. This gives you a predictable delivery of energy data, without any unforeseen costs.

Reliable data

All energy data from Å Insite is quality assured and verified, giving you a complete and reliable data base.

No silos

With a supplier that uses data from Å Insite, you have energy data made available through one API. This means that you can use new technology from different suppliers when and if you wish.