Enabling data-driven solutions

Our mission is to make energy efficient measures accessible in all commercial real estate. To achieve this, we have to eliminate the bottlenecks that hinder the scaling of energy-efficient solutions.

Our solution Part of Å Energi

To effectively decrease greenhouse gas emissions, we depend on more intelligent use of energy.

Unfortunately, the data accessible for commercial and industrial buildings is often insufficient, and the expenses related to its collection and upkeep are often high.

This is why we created Å Insite.

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Our solution

Our solution ends with an API

We handle the complexity associated with energy data, from the installation of necessary infrastructure to the cleaning and correction of data. The end product is structured data, with the necessary resolution, on an open API.

Making sustainable investments profitable

With correct and reliable energy data, more businesses can adopt new technology, reduce their energy consumption, and document the impact of their initiatives.

Å Insite in Numbers

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We manage data collection in 13 countries


Data entries processed each hour, every day


We can provide data with a resolution of 0.1 seconds

Part of Å Energi

Å Insite is owned by the energy conglomerate Å Energi. With access to unique expertise, we have been able to develop new solutions to extract the best possible energy data. We have a social responsibility and a long-term commitment which enables us to take on the investments required to achieve this.

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