The Energy Data Provider

We have specialized in energy data in commercial real estate so that you don't have to

Our solution

Why choose Å Insite as your data provider?

Reliable data

We continuously develop new solutions to efficiently identify errors and ensure that you have the necessary data, with the resolution you need, in the format you require, when you need it.

Increased efficiency

Collecting and managing energy data can be both resource and time-consuming. We cover everything from installation to data cleansing, so you can spend your time reaping the value of the insights.

New opportunities

We can install meters in all types of buildings, allowing more companies to benefit from new technology. New technology and solutions can retrieve the data through the same API as they are put into use.

Predictable costs

We cover the risk associated with collecting and structuring energy data, including unforeseen maintenance and error correction, at an agreed monthly cost.

Hear from some of our clients

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Å Insite Portal

The Å Insite Portal

Through the Å Insite Portal, you have easy access to all of your sites, wether you have a few buildings or a large portfolio. Log in to access and monitor ongoing projects or request energy data from new sites.

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