Energy Data for Commercial Buildings

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Why Energy Data from Å Insite?

  • Reliable Data Our algorithms detect errors and ensure that you have the necessary data, with the resolution you need, in the format you require, when you need it. This enables you to make smarter and more efficient decisions.
  • Open Solution Our solution is hardware-agnostic and handles both new and existing infrastructure, allowing older buildings to benefit from new technology. Emerging solutions can access the data through an open API as they are developed and implemented.
  • Liberate Time Collecting and managing energy data can be both resource and time-intensive. We cover everything, from installation to data cleansing, allowing you to spend your time on other priorities.
  • Predictable Costs We take all responsibility and risks associated with collecting and structuring energy data, including unforeseen maintenance and error correction. All at an agreed-upon monthly cost, providing predictability and making the investment manageable for more.
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How Can We Deliver Better Data at a Lower Cost?

It might sound too good to be true. Let's explain how we can offer our services the way we do - and why we have chosen to do it this way.

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